1860 Presidential Election

Lincoln, 231,709 (52.3%); Douglas, 187,421 (42.3%); Breckinridge, 11,406 (2.6%); Bell 12,194 (2.8%); Total Votes Cast, 442,866 (difference in totals due to minor party candidates)


You can “mouse over” the dot in each county to see the distribution of votes in that county between Abraham Lincoln, Republican; Stephen Douglas, Northern Democrat; John C. Breckenridge, Southern Democrat; John Bell, Constitutional Unionist; and Gerritt Smith, Abolitionist or Union Party.  Only Lincoln and Douglas actually won counties in Ohio.

red-box Abraham Lincoln, Republican Ticket

grey-box Stephen Douglas, Northern Democratic Ticket

Information on this page is from: Annual Report of the Secretary of State, to the Governor of the State of Ohio: For The Year 1860, as published in the Message and Reports To The General Assembly and Governor of the State of Ohio For The Year 1860, Part I. (Columbus: Richard Nevins, State Printer, 1861), pp. 280-305.