Volume 4: 23 May to 16 July 1865

Excerpts from the Civil War Diary of Sergeant William P. Gault, Company F, 78th Ohio Volunteer infantry covering the period following the last entry in Roberts’ account: [Note that complete Gault diary now available on this web site]

[May] 23d [1865].  Marched and camped on the banks of the Potomac River, opposite the capitol, near the long bridge.  The army of the Potomac (or eastern army) is passing in review over in the capitol.

24th.  Pass in review through the city of Washington.  There was none but “Billy Sherman’s Raiders” reviewed today.  An immense crowd of people gathered from all states and from all countries to witness the review and to do honor to the boys in blue.  After passing through Pennsylvania Avenue in review, we marched about 4 miles outside the city and camped.

June 6th.  Received orders to move to Louisville, Kentucky.

7th.  Arrived in Parkersburg, W. Va.

8th.  Took the steamer this evening for Louisville, Kentucky.

11th.  Arrived at Louisville.

12th.  Went into camp 2 miles from the city.

18th.  Changed camp to the other side of the city, where water was more abundant.

23d.  Paid off today.  received 8 months pay.

July 14th.  Our regiment received orders to report at Columbus, Ohio, for the purpose of being mustered out of the U.S. Army.  As the war of the rebellion was ended and the honor of the stars and stripes was preserved and unsullied, the government had not further need of our services.

16th.  Arrived at Todd Barracks, Columbus, Ohio, this morning.  The regiment was immediately mustered out of the U.S. service.  Each comrade of the regiment receiving an honorable discharge from the service of the U.S. Army, and all the back pay due them.  After bidding each of the comrades an affectionate farewell, each comrade immediately wended his way to the Depot, and took the first train out of the city for their homes.

[July 31, 1865  Cyrus Marion Roberts discharged from military service, Louisville, Kentucky.  As Commissary of Musters of the 17th Army Corps he was retained in service until the entire 17th Army Corps had been mustered out.]