Company D

The following is from History of the 78th Regiment O.V.V.I, from its “Muster-In” to its “Muster-Out;” comprising Its Organization, Marches, Campaigns, Battles and Skirmishes, by Rev. Thomas M. Stevenson, Chaplain of the Regiment:

This company was raised in Muskingum and Morgan Counties, and organized December 21st, 1861, in Camp Gilbert, Zanesville, Ohio. E. Hillis Talley was commissioned Captain; Benjamin A. Blandy, First Lieutenant; William S. Harlan, Second Lieutenant.

These being men of influence, and sustaining a high reputation in the community in which they lived, in a short time raised a company of the best men in their respective neighborhoods.

Captain Talley was taken sick while the regiment was at Crump’s Landing. He was immediately removed to the hospital at Savannah, Tenn., where he died April 1st, 1862. He was the first officer of the regiment to fall a sacrifice to his country; being a young man of much promise, the only son of his parents, and loved and esteemed by all who knew him, caused his death to be deeply felt and regretted. About this time Lieutenant Blandy resigned and Lieutenant Harlan was promoted to Captain. Israel C. Robinson, of Company “A” was promoted to a Lieutenant and assigned to this Company. Captain Harlan’s health, through hardships and exposure gave way, and after trying the bracing climate of the north a few weeks, and the best surgeon’s skill, he was necessitated to resign his commission, and quit the service in February, 1863. Lieutenant Robinson was then promoted to Captain, and James C. Harris to a Lieutenancy.

Captain Robinson was promoted to Major at Savannah, Ga., and afterward to Lieutenant-Colonel, but did not muster on this last commission, because of irregularity in its issue.

Lieutenant Harris was mustered out at Savannah, by reason of expiration of term of service, the last of December, 1864. He as a quiet, unassuming and faithful officer, admired and loved by all who knew him.

Lieutenant Andrew McDaniel was promoted to Captain, and assigned to the command of Company “D;” John R. Edgar, of Company “A,” Was promoted to First Lieutenant and assigned to this company. Milton F. Ward was promoted to Second Lieutenant in some company. Under these officers the company was mustered out of service July 14th, 1865.

The following are the names of the non-commissioned officers and enlisted men of the original organization:


1. James C. Harris

2. Simon P. Joy

3. Wm. G. B. McCune

4. David F. Sullivan

5. Bishop D. Stall


1. James Sears

2. James M. Mason

3. Henry C. Lanius

4. Milton F. Ward

5. William H. Sullivan

6. Andrew H. Wallace

7. Enoch Harlan

8. James M. Dutro

Horatio White, 2d Musician, George F. Darling, Wagoner


Arter, Abel

Blackson, John A.

Beatty, Bartly

Berry, Michael

Crawford, Henry

Conn, Levi C.

Camp, James

Coss, Peter

Clark, George W.

Dempster, Albert

Dutro, Thomas W.

Edwards, John

Finney, James

Fox, John W.

France, Thomas B.

Fox, W. Thomas

Frazier, William J.

Gay, Robert E.

Gay, H. H.

Gillespie, Daniel

Gibeaut, Charles J.

Gibeaut, Peter

Huffman, William F.

Haines, Davis

Hall, Thomas J.

Harlan, Thomas J.

Hewitt, MiltonHamilton, John

Hunt, Albert

Huffman, Samuel

Howell, Moses

Hall, George W.

Hall, Enos T., Sr.

Hufford, John

Hubbell, Joseph

Hawkins, McFiren

Jewett, Nathan

Jewett, Daniel

Joy, Harrison W.

Jones, Benia

Kenney, Charles

Kenney, William W.

Kenney, George W.

Kenney, John

Leach, Charles

Lee, Samuel

Lowe, Frank

McLaughlin, James

McCune, John

McGuire, Francis

Mitchel, David

Mason, Charles B.

McCallister, Hugh

McCallister, W. J.

Osborn, Frederick

Pake, William

Peyton, John Q. A.

Powell, John

Quigley, George W.

Quigly, James F.

Reed, Wesley

Richardson, Levi P.

Sigars, Philip

Stotts, Nathan

Stotts, Joseph F.

Smith, George B.

Squires, George

Scott, George

Turner, Leaven

Vandenbark, George P.

Wood, Solomon

Warne, Amaziah

The following have died of wounds and disease:

William G. B. SMcCune, Sergeant

George F. Darling, at Bolivar, Tenn.

James Finney, of wounds received at Champion Hills, Miss.

William F. Huffman, Savannah, Ga.

Davis Haines, Bolivar, Tenn.

David Gillespie

Milton Howett

Albert Hunt, Stony Point, Tenn.

Charles S. Kenney, Jackson, Tenn.

William Kenney, Savannah, Tenn.

McFiren Hawkins

Frank Law

Charles B. Mason, wounded at Raymond, Miss.

Fred. Miller, Memphis, Tenn.

Fred Osborn, Memphis, Tenn.

William A. Pake

George B. Smith

George Squires

James Austin, killed at Champion Hills.

The following have been discharged, honorably:

Enoch Harlan, at Shiloh, Tenn.

James Dutro, Crump’s Landing, Tenn.

Bartly Baity

John A. Blackson, Memphis, Tenn.

Peter Coss

Levi Conn

Albert Dempter, Crump’s Landing, Tenn.

Thomas Dutro, Crump’s Landing, Tenn.

Albert J. Farnum, Crump’s Landing, Tenn.

John Hamilton, Crump’s Landing, Tenn.

Thomas France, Crump’s Landing, Tenn.

Peter Gibeaut, Crump’s Landing, Tenn.

Peter Gibeaut, Jr., Crump’s Landing, Tenn.

John Huffard

Joseph Hubb

Enos T. Hall

Harrison Joy

Daniel Jewett

George W. Kenney

Charles Leach

John Kenney

Samuel Lee

John Q. A. Peyton

George W. Quigley

James F. Quigley

Wesley Reed

Levi P. Richardson

Philip Sigars

Horatio White

Solomon Wood

Herriott Warne

Caleb H. Hall

John Heath

Eli Scott

Charles Woodburn

William Neighbors

Joseph D. Gardner

John McConaughy

Finley Woodburn

Francis Maguire.

The following named recruits, substitutes and drafted men have been added to the company:

James Austin

John Bird

Lewis Collins

Lemuel Dover

James Davis

William Echelberry

Allen M. Frazier

William Harlan

Benjamin Harlan

William R. Jackson

Joseph E. Peyton

Joseph F. Pierce, wounded at Champion Hills

Samuel F. Woodburn

William M. White (died)

Manley H. Crumbaker, killed at Atlanta

George W. McCurdy

Robert Cunningham

Erastus Chilcoat

Zenis Dowell

Jeremiah Gardner (discharged)

Joseph Talbott, wounded at Atlanta

Jacob Withers (died)

Francis odrey, died of wounds, Atlanta

Nicholas Hoosan

Davis Echelberry (died)

Hamilton Wallace

William A. McConaughy, wounded at Atlanta

James C. Stewart

Samuel P. Campbell, killed in battle

Isaac G. Neff

Lafayette Davis

Thomas R. Steenson, discharged on account of wounds

Thomas Smith (died)

Joseph W. Frazier

Oliver Perry

Moses Abbott

Joshua D. Smith (prisoner)

Nathaniel White (discharged

John H. Young

Jerome Mathews

John Newman

Thomas Parsons

Alfred Sigars

Henry Tipple

Oliver B. Crumbaker

Torrence Peyton (died)

Smith V. D.Howell

Daiel Stahl

Henry S. Chambers

Charles W. Clark

Brice S. Taylor

James D.Kinney

Harrison Echelberry.


Jefferson Blazier

David Campbell

Daniel Miller, wounded at Champion Hills

James H. Tom

James M. Cornelius

Samuel Harper

david N. Bryan

Frederick Campell

John Field

Alfred Davidson

Lewellen Echelberry

Richard P. McGee (discharged)

William Hyde

Lewis Huffman

James Fulton

George Mewhirter

Reuben Cromer

William Humphrewys

Joseph Foreman

David M. wilson

Daniel Brian

William Jones

Andrew Johnson

Jesse Waterberry (died)


Alex Fairchilds

Cyrus Harman

Joseph Hamel

Jacob Thice

Simeon S. Carrol

Clark Toland

Henry Simmons

William Artherton

The following re-enlisted as veteran volunteers:

James A. Seares, Sergeant

Bishop D. Stahl, Sergeant

James McLaughlin, Sergeant

Amaziah Warne, Sergeant

Andrew Wallace, killed bearing regimental colors in battle before Atlanta

Abel Arter

Thomas J. Harlan

Bush Clark

George B. Vanderbark

Thomas j. Hall, taken prisoner at Atlanta

Thomas Huffman, taken prisoner at Atlanta

Moses Howell (deserted)

George Hall

Nathan Jewett

John McCune

David Mitchell

John Eligas Bulger Edwards, deserted

Charles J. Gibeaut

James Camp

Robert E. Gay

Henry H. Gay

Hugh McCallister

William Pake

John Powell

Nathan Stotts (prisoner)

George W. Clark (deserted)

This company has sustained itself well. Too much can not be said of many of its men. They have done much efficient service and suffered severely. Many noble young men have been left behind, never to return to gladden the hearts of their families and friends. Always faithful in duty; it never failed in any position assigned it. Prompt, efficient and military in its bearing.

The Captain, J. C. Robinson, was severely wounded at Kenesaw Mountain, when leading his men in an attack upon a position held by the enemy.

The present officers are men of experience and who have been promoted from Sergeants to their present rank. They have passed through all the campaigns and battles of the regiment. Captain McDaniel was not on the campaigns of General Sherman through Georgia and the Carolinas.

The Lieutenants are men of worth and influence, and have done much honor to themselves and the regiment.