Company I

The following is from History of the 78th Regiment O.V.V.I, from its “Muster-In” to its “Muster-Out;” comprising Its Organization, Marches, Campaigns, Battles and Skirmishes, by Rev. Thomas M. Stevenson, Chaplain of the Regiment:

This company was raised in Columbiana County by Andrew Scott, Chaplain Todd, John B. Mills and S. A. DeWolf, and organized January 11th, 1862. Andrew Scott was appointed Captain, John B. Mills First Lieutenant, and S. A. DeWolf Second Lieutenant.

The company was made up of as fine a class of men as ever entered the service — the best ever that left the county. The religious element was strong in the company; the men were of the wealthy families of the county, well educated and representing every branch of trade and business. The company suffered much from disease, and in battle; its very best young men have fallen. Especially has it been true of this company, the fact observed by so many, and noticeable in every company in the regiment, “that the arrow of death is mysteriously select in the choice of its victims;” choosing most generally the best men. Those whom we regret most to spare, and give up most unwillingly; men the most exemplary and upright, and most useful and best loved in the company at home.

Some of the men in Company “I” have filled important positions in the regiment and at Division Corps and Department headquarters. Very little of the rowdy element was found in this company. Their officers were men of Christina integrity. Captain Scott was a member of the Presbyterian Church and by his influence called many such to go with him. The Captain was good, jolly, social man, which made him popular, and his company pleasant. No man except Captain Wilson exercised a more watchful care over his men. When divine services were held in the regiment, the Captain was always present, and the majority of his men were with him. The Captain was a little wrong in his political theory, but all right in his practice. Old prejudices and education gave him a leaning toward Vallandingham and the disloyal party of the North, but diminished nothing of his hatred for secession, and weakened none of his efforts to put it down and destroy the last armed rebel against the Government. He did not like the Administration, but that mattered not as long as he was willing to defend it with the sword, and co-operate with it in the suppression of rebellion; and as form is nothing, but execution everything, we can forgive the Captain’s mistaken theories on politics, since his action and conduct opposed those theories, and prevented him not from going forth and nobly sustaining his country’s flag.

Lieutenant Mills, of whom mention has been made in connection with Company “C,” was a young man of decided influence and most excellent character, and did much by way of influencing many young men to enlist in their country’s service. He was generally popular with his men and throughout the regiment. A man of strong sympathies and tender feelings, and no one did more to alleviate the sufferings of destitute poor women and children through the army’s entire line of march. He would frequently after the regiment would encamp in the evening, mount a horse and search out the poor of the vicinity, and do something for them. He was always active and busy at something, especially in getting possession of fine horses. He was quite successful in maintaining that there was no horse in the army like his, but privately thinking every other horse better than his. In the absence of the Chaplain he would assume part of his duties, and supply the regiment will all the reading matter and stationery the Christian Commission could furnish him. In this way he was an ardent friend and support of the Christian Commission, and the representatives of the Commission believe him to be more than an ordinary-working Christian. He seldom became angry, but when he did, his Christian temper would become somewhat ruffled.

Lieutenant S. A. DeWolf was above middle age, and a resent of Gambier, Licking County, and a man noted for piety and Christian integrity. His health gave way soon after entering the service, and after every effort on his part to arrest disease, he was compelled to resign his commission and leave the service, which took place at Bolivar, Tenn.

Seregeant Humphrey A. McDonald, of “F” company, was promoted to Second Lieutenant and assigned to Company “I.” He was a young man of liberal attainments, and very good education, and consistent upright character. He was afterwards promoted to First Lieutenant and detailed as A. A. A. General of the Second Brigade, Third Division, Seventeenth Army Corps, but through ill health was compelled to muster out at Goldsboro, N. C., and leave the service. When he was first promoted to Second Lieutenant he was detailed by General John A. Logan, as A. A. Q. M. of the Pioneer Corps, Third Division, and subsequently assisted Lieutenant J. T. Story in the command o Company “C.” At Vicksburg, in December, 1863; he was appointed Regimental Recruiting Officer, to superintend the enlistment of veterans, which position he filled with honor to himself and credit to the regiment. Lieutenant William H. Hessin was promoted to Captain, Sergeant David M. Watson to First Lieutenant, and Sergeant Simon P. Joy, of “D” company to Second Lieutenant, and assigned to Company “I.” All noble young men, good and efficient officers and exemplary in conduct; and returned to their friends with characters better framed and steeled against temptation.

The following list comprises the non-commissioned officers and enlisted men of the original organization:


1. David M. Watson

2. Angus Falconer

3. Daniel Watt

4. Geo. W. Chandler

5. Robert Scott


1. Harmon W. Brown

2. Daniel S. Noble

3. Thos. McKenzie

4. John Hall

5. John Baker

6. Daniel McIntosh

7. Andrw McPherson

8. Albert Glenn

Jacob H. Arter, 1st Musician; David McLain, 2d Musician; Joseph Wilson, Wagoner.


Adams, William J.

Axe, Lorenzo

Adams, Matthew W.

Abbot, Robert

Brown, Amos

Baker, Thomas

Butler, Eli

Baker, Gideon H.

Cole, Oscar

Cole, Thomas

Charters, William

Carns, George JW.

Cameron, William T.

Dorwart, Henry

Dobson, Henry

Drennan, Ezekiel G.

Daws, Plimpton

Darison, John

Ehrhart, Reuben

Freed, Milton

Gamble, Thomas

Gable, George

Gamble, Alfred

Giles, Henry

Harkins, Thomas G.

Hilman, David H.

Hampshire, Henry

Hollinger, Jacob

Hanna, George

Hessin, William H.

Jackson, Thomas C.

Kelley, Jdavid

Kerns, Richard

Lounsbury, Franklin A.

McBane, William

McIntosh, Evan

McIntosh, Andrew

McIntosh, John

Morrison, John H.

Marlnec, Andrew

McKenzie, John P.

McIntosh, Laughlin

McLain, Daniel

McIntosh, John F.

Mendell, William

McMullink, Archibald

McCord, George

Poorman, John F.

Powers, Morrison

Roach, Abner M.

Redick, Cummins C.

Spellman, Charles

Steel, George W.

Sprinkle David W.

Starr, Thomas C.

Smith, William M.

Vanfossan, William P.

Weston, John A.

Wilson John W.

Wilson, Hiram

Withers, George

Willis, James B.

Wright, Daniel

Wagoner, Joseph.

The following named men re-enlisted as veteran volunteers at Vicksburg, Miss., January 5th, 1864:

Mathew W. Adams

Isaac Burback

John Baker

John Clunk

Plimpton Daws

Henry B. Dolson

Anguish Falconer

Thomas Gamble

Henry Giles

George Hanna

John H. Morrison

Andrew McPherson

John McIntosh

Williams S. Mendell

John P. McKenzie

Daniel McLain

Andrew McIntosh

Thomas Clinton Starr

Philip Smith

David W. Sprinkle

George W. Steel

William C. Tenley

John A. Weston.

The following named enlisted men, substitutes and drafted men have been added to the company since its original organization:

Goerge Andrews,

John Able

Caleb Caldwell

John Derr

Nathaniel Darst

John Deusil

John Dane

William F. Echerd

Billingsy Teaser

William Francis

Joseph Gardner

Nehemiah Groves

Bowen Gilkey

Hiram Hall

Ethel Henry

Michael Hetsel (Hetsler)  

Michael J. Hawk

Michael W. Hawk

Theodore Jackson

Peter Jones

Cassius M. Jeffres

Joseph Johnson

Ezekial Johnson

Squire Johnson

John R. Kaufman

John C. Keaney

Joseph Krank

Massenberg Lynch

William Lister

Joseph Lancaster

Henry Luyster

Jacob Lamb

Edward Miller

Philip Mary

John Moser

Thomas B. McCarty

Emmil Marx

John McIntire

Richard McPeek

Christopher Mosier

Henry Mance

William McBane

Abel S. Newton

James M. Newland

John M. Patterson

Edward Rose

Robert Roland

George H. Rabes

George O. Reeder

Samuel Smith

Timothy Sheppard

Henry Smith

Moses Shoemaker

John Smith

Philip Thomas

James Thaxton

Isaac Taylor

Simon Vickers

William H. Williamson

Harmon W. Brown, volunteered

Evan McIntosh, volunteered

John W. Davidson, volunteered

Morrison Powers, volunteered

Zachariah Bucklew, volunteered

William McBain, volunteered

John Davidson, volunteered

Daniel Noble, volunteered

George Snift, volunteered

Albert Glenn, volunteered

George Hall, volunteered

The following have been discharged for disability:

L. C. Axe

Gideon H. Baker

Amos Brown

Thomas Baker

Zachariah Buckler

Thomas Coie

William T. Cameron

Oscar Cole

George W. Carnes

John Davidson

Henry Dorwart

John Davidson

Henry Downard

Reuben Ehrhart

David Kelley

Archibald McMullen

D. B. McLain

D. T. McIntosh

T. P. McKenzie

Daniel S. Noble

John F. Poorman

George Swift

Charles Spellman

Joseph Wagner

John W. Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Samuel W. Wright

George Withers

The following have died of disease:

Eli Butler, Crump’s Landing, Tenn., March 25th, 1862.

Jacob Hollinger, St. Louis, Mo., April 12th, 1862.

Benjamin Butler, camp Shiloh, Tenn., April 30th, 1862.

William Charters, camp Shiloh, Tenn., May 9th, 1862.

Robert Scott, Cincinnati, O., May 31st, 1862..

John H. Davidson, Paducah, Ky., April 18th, 1863.

George Gamble, Jackson, Tenn., June 28th, 1862.

Laughlin McIntosh, Vicksburg, August 24th, 1863.

James D. Willis, Boaufort [sic], S. C., January ___, 1865.

Henry Hampshire[, Pittsburg Landing, near Shiloh, May 22, 1862].

Hiram Wilson

Thomas B. McCarty.

Transferred to Invalid Corps.

George W. Chowder

Ezekial S. Drennan

Albert Glenn

Frank Lonsberry

Cummins C. Reddick

William Smith

John Hall.

Killed in Battle.

Andrew M. Roach, Champion Hills, May 16th, 1983.

John McIntosh, Champion Hills, May 16th, 1863.

Thomas C. Starr, Kenesaw Mountain, June 15th, 1864.

Daniel H. Watt, Atlanta, July 22d, 1864.

Andrew McPherson, promoted to Sergeant-Major.