William P. Gault Diary

By clicking here you can access the most informative diary of Sgt. William P. Gault, of Co. F.   The publishing of this diary on this site was made possible by the generosity of Lawrence Kirby, 1st Sergeant USA-R, a descendant of Pvt. Lemuel G. Dover, of Co. D.

Two entries of particular interest to the webmaster:

8 Nov 1864: “Paid off today.  Received 8 months’ pay.  Many of us cast our first vote and all but a corporal’s guard voted for Abraham Lincoln for president of the United States, although some of us were only 20 years old.”

16 Apr 1865: “Heard the sad news of the assassination of President Lincoln by J. Wilkes Booth.   Thus at the time of the wildest rejoicing in our beloved country that the war is about ended and the stars and stripes are to be once more honored by every state in this Union, we are called to lay aside the cup of joy and the drink the bitter cup of sorrow.”