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Edward Spencer Vernon
b. 13 Nov 1842, Zanesville, OH
d. 10 Dec 1926, Seneca, KS
Obtained pension land in KS after the war. Settled on a farm there and raised a family. He was married once and had four sons and a daughter. I am descended from his son, Frank W. Vernon.
ES's brother, Will, was also in the regiment. I have a photo of him and will provide it to you. I also have ES's gold watch and a large collection of GAR annual convention ribbons. I also have a copy of a handwritten memoir (3 pages) by ES describing his memories of being on Sherman's March to Atlanta.
ES Vernon's great grand father was Joseph Vernon, of Chester Co, PA., who was one fo the first settlers in Zanesville area after the American Revolution. Joseph had been a junior officer in the PA Militia during the American Revolution.
Joseph's family can be traced back as original Quaker settlers in Chester Co, coming over on the "Friendship" in 1682.
-- Paul B. Vernon

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