…of the Men of the 78th

In this section we will place post-war writings of the men of the 78th, particularly as they relate to their experience as soldiers.  Please submit any written material of this type to Carl J. Denbow, including name, rank and company of the soldier.  The writings will be posted with spellings and grammar as they were written.  No attempt will be made to “modernize” either spelling, grammar, content, or to otherwise tamper with the original as written by the War of the Rebellion veteran.  His words will stand on their own.  

Sergeant, Co. F., reminiscence on the March to the Sea. [contains unattributed quotes from regimental history]

Private, Co. G, reminiscences of various wartime experiences, including Ft. Donelson, Bolivar, Tenn.; Oxford, Vicksburg, Champion Hills, Miss.; and Atlanta, Ga. [contains unattributed quotes from regimental history]

 Private, Co. G, a memoir about his experiences at Andersonville Prison.  He was among the last to be freed from that hellhole.